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Journey to the Pokéworld Welcome, adventurer. You have reached Dreamscape — a collective disarray of all things Pokémon owned and maintained by Aelyn and Cerine since 2018. Here you'll find a small but growing collection of sites that contain fanlistings, tributes, and cliques. In addition, we have a section our favorite Pokémon based on every generation, as well as a list of games played and movies watched. We hope you enjoy your stay and hopefully you'll find something that'll spark your interest.

Last Update: September 12, 2023
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Trainer: Aelyn
It was a childhood bliss as I played Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Version for the first time. The nostalgia from the old brick Gameboy handheld game console that displayed monotone colors didn't bother me at all. I've spent ridiculous hours completing the game only because it was displayed in Japanese and I knew nothing of the language. I've only played Gen I-related games until a few years later I jumped to Gen V and played Pokémon Black. Nonetheless being that I'm still an old-gen myself, I've always admire Lorelei because of her beauty and also her prestigious leadership as an Elite Four member. I mainly play on Nintendo Switch; feel free to add me: 4202-1079-1630

Aelyn's favorite Pokémon from each region. Click on the icons below!

JOLTEON (Raijin)
Nature: Adamant
Proud of its power
Without a doubt, Jolteon is one of the best electric type Pokémon in the game, its sleek body suits his electric type perfectly. He's frail and can't take much of a hit, but backs that up with a massive special attack and one of the fastest speeds in the game. Jolteon was always my go-to throughout my journey.
Nature: Modest
Somewhat in vain
I like Gardevoir simply because it's an interesting fully evolve pipedal humanoid Pokémon with a feminine physique. It's also a versatile Pokémon meaning it can pack a special attack with great special defense and speed.
Nature: Impish
Sturdy body
Milotic has a goddess-looking eyes with a serpentine body. It's both powerful and elegant. It is also known for being one of the most beautiful Pokémon in the world. At least it evolves to something so gorgeous from being an ugly Feebas.
Nature: Rash
Very finicky
This three-headed dual Dark/Dragon type Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon was introduced introduced in Gen V. I love this Pokémon because of it's fearsome appearance and quite a great balance in stats. It's thought to be similar to Hydra. 'Drei' is German for three, as in the name it relates to the head count of the stage of evolution.
Nature: Hasty
Houndoom is my favorite Pokémon because his origins are very interesting and dark. Houndoom is based off the Hellhound, who are demons in the form of dogs with glowing red eyes. I like how the dark and fire type really showed how Houndoom is supposed to be --dark, evil being.
Nature: Modest
Strongly defiant
When Gen VII came out, I fell in love to Primarina is because she looks so majestic and beautiful! This sealion type Pokémon would definitely be my first choice of favorite Sun/Moon starter.
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Trainer: Cerine
During the early 90's, I played for hours raising a team of powerful elementally-balanced party from the Pokemon Blue version. Selecting their abilities requires strategy. The excellent battle system is the primary reason why I love Gen I. Back then, there wasn't any beauty contest, natures and characteristics. The game had very little storyline, yet has a lot of strategy involved. I personally feel that R/G/B/Y were very original which is probably why I still like the aspect of the game due to its average localization and good interface. In case you haven't already figured, Clair will always be my bias.

Cerine's favorite Pokémon from each region. Click on the icons below!

Nature: Brave
Loves to eat
Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox and foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore. Physically, kitsune are noted for having as many as nine tails. Ninetales with its narrowed eyes, slender body, long and flowing hair, and swishing tails are the epitome of elegance.
Nature: Hasty
Good perseverance
Eyes in the sky, Braviary is one of my top Pokémon because of it's high stats on attack. Its design took more of an American Pokémon due to its resemblance of the bald eagle. In most Native American cultures, birds are seen as the messenger of the spirits, and feathers a sign of bravery and great respect.
Nature: Serious
A little quick tempered
Kingdra is way underestimated and tends to be unexpected. Few people know what to do when suddenly facing a dragon that isn't all that weak to ice or a water type that isn't all that weak to electricity. Stats are pretty impressive too. Not to mention Clair also owns a Kingdra.
Nature: Gentle
Highly curious
I personally feel that this Pokémon is really underrated. Lilligant isn't just beautiful, it's strong as well. Quiver Dance and Petal Dance, especially with Own Tempo, turns Lilligant into a fast and lethal special attacker.
Nature: Timid
Likes to fight
Umbreon my favorite dark-type Pokémon for its massive defense sweeper. It may not the best move pool, but Dark Pulse is an epic attack added that Psychic covers the against fighting-types. The concept of this Pokémon being affiliated with the moon is really cool just as Espeon is affiliated with the sun.
LYCANROC (dusk form)
Nature: Rash
Often lost in thought
When the Alola region was introduced, I absolutely love the dusk form compared to the midday/midnight. Just the evolution had a mix of in between the two, it sort of reminded me of a fox color and Lycanroc on its dusk form was absolutely gorgeous!
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Collective This section isn't overly elaborate or full. Slowly though, our collective is growing... but for now, this is what we have to offer.

A shrine featuring Clair (Ibuki). A Blackthorn city gym leader specializing dragon-type Pokémon.

I Choose You!
A Pokémon claim clique where you can choose your favorite Pokémon.

The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution fire type Pokémon, Flareon.

The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution electric type Pokémon, Jolteon.

The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution grass type Pokémon, Leafeon.

Moonlit Radiance
The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution dark type Pokémon, Umbreon.

Aqua Jet
The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution water type Pokémon, Vaporeon.

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