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Last Update: March 12, 2024
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There are many things in this world that bring us sparks of joy, compassion, and entertainment, many of which originate in childhood, as the very things we're absorbed and influenced by as a kid play a huge role in our adulthood. Pokémon has been around for more than two decades now, and it is bringing more and more joy into the lives of kids and adults alike. People make the assumption that Pokémon is only for kids and that people who enjoy them even as teenagers are weird. However, people enjoy revisiting things from the past again and again, as it fills them with memories of their youth. This section covers a little more about the collective as well as some insights on the name itself.

While there are many general sites dedicated to the series itself, you are more likely to find fanlistings dedicated to the characters than informative shrines on them. Our mission is to eventually create shrines associated with the subjects. While we are positive we won't be making shrines to all of them, we can at least promise to make shrines about the ones we feel are meaningful. With that said, we wouldn't be able to make these sites without information from the fandom itself. The shrines that will soon grace this collective will continue to help us learn a little more about the characters from Pokémon.
At some point, the inner child in us dreamnt of becoming a Pokémon master and had goals of fulfilling the Pokédex to 100%. The creation of Dreamscape officially established on 2018. Although another name in mind that could've particularly describe this collective better, the current name settled as the next best. The definition of Dreamscape is a dreamlike scene or picture having surreal qualities. The word 'dream' for some, it's something that's completely unattainable, yet for others completely attainable. Eventually, the lack of deliberation in choosing this name turned out to have a pretty strong meaning.


Much of the history behind the site owners are located here. In hindsight, this section was far more verbose in the past, but it's been curtailed after realizing that this section should be elaborated on our first impressions of the series rather than a brief introductory posts of ourselves. In essence, we've provided more of our personal favorite characters and Pokemon alike. Hovering on the Pokémon sprites will include detailed information such as the name, type and region!



I admit, Pokémon games don't enchant me nearly as much as they used to. I still enjoy them—I think my love for the Pokémon universe, the various creatures and their colorful, elaborate designs will never fully fade away. The main Pokémon games retain a child-like innocence in tone and an inviting, relaxing atmosphere that I can just sit down with whatever the latest game is and let all my troubles fade away. I can engross myself in finding new monsters whom I've never trained before, leveling them up and discovering their untapped secrets and potential. But with every generation, I love it less and less. I mean, how many times can you play the same game before you get bored of it? Pokémon will probably be the test of that.

Favorite Region Pokémon

Aelyn's Favorites
Fav Character: Elesa (Japanese: Kamitsure)
Fav Type:
I love Elesa's fashion sense and her gym is definitely unique. Elesa is the gym leader of Nimbasa City in the Unova Region. She specializes in electric type Pokémon. Elesa is not only a gym leader, but she's also a fashion model. In Black and White series, her gym is located at an amusement park, filled with roller coaster rides. And, in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, her gym becomes fashion studio, equipped with a runway. Talk about stylish. Not only that, she's also very nice. She was the one who convinced Bianca's father to let her continue her journey. Elesa is beauty, brains, body and heart combined.



I've played Pokémon games since the age of 10, and it's sculpted my childhood into a bright one. Thanks to it, I've gained more knowledge and understanding of creativity, as well as story-building. Another aspect I love about the games themselves is the music. The music in the old games has stuck with me for a very long time, and when I listen to the soundtrack again, it truly feels as if it's bringing me back into the ten-year-old me! This is the power of nostalgia, the power of having memories of things you could enjoy.

Favorite Region Pokémon

Cerine's Favorites
Fav Character: Lisia (Japanese: Lutia)
Fav Type:
My absolute favorite new character at the moment is Lisia the Super Contest star, but that's because I'm partial to contests. Minus her usefulness or not in Masters EX, she brought some amount of story to what would otherwise be storyless Contests in OR/AS. Not only her wardrobe is cute, but also because she wears blue a lot and I love the color combination! Her outfit is also very fitting with the fact she uses an Altaria, and having relation to Wallace (he's her uncle). Lisia seems like a fun character because of the energy she gives off, and I like her choices in Pokémon as well.


Once upon a time, there were 151 unique Pokemon. Now, there are 1015, counting only distinct species. Out of all the Pokémon total, we've only selected a few of our favorites to make a site of. They may come in forms of fanlistings, tributes, and cliques. In addition to the pocket monsters are also supporting characters that have featured in the franchise. This section isn't overly elaborate or full. Slowly though, our collective is growing, but for now, this is what we have to offer.


A shrine featuring Clair (Ibuki). A Blackthorn city gym leader specializing dragon-type Pokémon.
Status: Archived

I Choose You!

A Pokémon claim clique where you can choose your favorite Pokémon.
Status: Active


The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution fire type Pokémon, Flareon.
Status: Active


The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution electric type Pokémon, Jolteon.
Status: Active


The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution grass type Pokémon, Leafeon.
Status: Active

Moonlit Radiance

The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution dark type Pokémon, Umbreon.
Status: Active

Aqua Jet

The approved fanlisting for the Eeveelution water type Pokémon, Vaporeon.
Status: Active


Nintendo opened up an entire Pokemon merchandise because they could and people would buy these stuff. We were totally part of their target audience as well. We've collected TCGs (trading card games) only as aesthetics in the past and never actually played the game. We love the artwork and appreciate the creativity each artist brought to their illustrations. This section provides the video games played and watched the TV shows/movies.


Each are sorted by the name in ascending order. Hovering over the icons will appear the title and the rating of the game.


Each are sorted by date in ascending order. Hovering over the icons will appear the title and the rating of the show/movie.


This section provides hand-selected links with far more contents than what we have here. There's some amazing designs and dedications to be found, and we hope you'll be just as inspired by their work as we are. Whether they're a credits, a special mention, or a link exchange, we admire everyone we list here. If you've enjoyed your stay, please leave a comment in the guestbook. Thank you so much and hopefully you'll return back for another visit.

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